Dear Player,

Maintenance is scheduled for 02:00 EST on April 21st. It's estimated to last around 2 hours and might be shorter. We thank you for your patience during this time.

There will be of new content added as belows:

1.Mr. Snowman event is online from April 21st to April 27th.

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A.When you make snowmen, you will get prize and corresponding snowman score in the meaning while.

B.After the snowman score you obtain reach the certain amount, you can claim the personal reward in the event panel.

C.After the total snowman score all players obtain reach the certain amount, all players on the server can claim the server reward. Additionally, the player who help server to break the snowman score boundary will receive special prize in the system mail.
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Add new ‘overlord’ suit, it will be the most powerful equipment in the game until now.
Add level 50 – 110 new special powerful ship.

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2.Beauty's Gift event is online from April 21st to April 27th.
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A.Player can buy the items in order on the event panel with lower price. There are twelve items in all.

B.The progress of items you bought will be reset at 0:00 next day.
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3.Continuous Recharge is online from April 21st to May 2nd.
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A.Daily recharge reach the certain amount to claim prize.(Can only claim one time each day)

B.You can open the corresponding chest when you keep recharge reach a certain number of days

C.Open the chest will brings a special effect which will redouble the afterwards daily recharge prize. (Takes effect in the next day)

D.Please claim the daily recharge prize in time or you are not able to claim them after 0:00 next day.
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4.Consume rank event is online from April 21st to May 3rd. Claim reward time is May 4th.
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A.After players' diamond spent reach the certain amount during the event, he can get into rank.

B.When event is over, players can claim reward according to their rank

C.Players can still get reward even they are not in rank but have spent at least 1 diamond.
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