A.      During the event, players can obtain score by join various game event. Besides, you also will get score when every 1 diamond you spend.

B.      Score can be used to exchange rewards in score shop.

C.      If you got enough score, you are able to enter the score rank to claim amazing gift according to your rank after event end.

2.Winter showdown event is online from April 12th to April 18th.

A.      Click character to shoot the basket. You have 10 times to shoot by spending gold each day. After that you need spend diamond to continue.

B.      When you shoot ball in the basket, you will get score and reward. If you miss the basket, you also will get a memorial chest. After your daily score reach the certain amount, you can claim daily prize in the right of event panel. Please claim your prize before daily reset.

C.      You will obtain corresponding medals after opening bronze, silver, golden chest. Medals can be used to exchange item in shop.

D.      You will be on the rank list when you collect enough medals during the event. The rank reward will be sent to you by system mail.

3.Joyous Day event is online from April 12th to April 18th.

A.        Each round has 9 cards and only 1 card or 3 cards can be draw, select cards then click the "draw" button to get reward hidden in card.

B.        Draw a card can get 35 points, collect points to get ranking prize, prize will be sent via mail after event ends.

4.Weekly Recharge event is online from April 12th to April 18th.

A.      During the event, you can claim the daily reward after your recharge number reach the certain amount on that day.

B.      Each daily reward is different in seven days during the event.

5.Mr. Snowman event is online from April 12th to April 18th.

A.        When you make snowmen, you will get prize and corresponding snowman score in the meaning while.

B.        After the snowman score you obtain reach the certain amount, you can claim the personal reward in the event panel.

C.        After the total snowman score all players obtain reach the certain amount, all players on the server can claim the server reward. Additionally, the player who help server to break the snowman score boundary will receive special prize in the system mail.

6.Cupid event is online from April 12th to April 18th.

A.      You will obtain bless chance after recharge diamond.

B.      You can bless by using bless chance and spending diamond.

C.      You will obtain amounts of diamond after bless.

D.      Bless chance will not be reset during the event.

E.       Please notice that the diamond you spend in this event will not be counted in other events.

7.Continuous recharge event is online from April 12th to April 23rd

A.      Daily recharge reach the certain amount to claim prize.(Can only claim one time each day)

B.      You can open the corresponding chest when you keep recharge reach a certain number of days

C.      Open the chest will brings a special effect which will redouble the afterwards daily recharge prize. (Takes effect in the next day)

D.      Please claim the daily recharge prize in time or you are not able to claim them after 0:00 next day.

8.Permanent avatar (+4 to +10) can be merged in forge panel.

9.New Feature Unlock: The Great Path (unlocked at Lv. 50)

A.      Raid the Great Path will be available when character reaches level 50. Can be entered from the Lord City

B.      The Great Path contains several chapters, and each chapter has several stages. Each stage needs to be challenged in turn

C.      Complete elite stages will get stage chest and stage stars, collect stars can open star chest

D.      Stages can be challenged multiple times every day, and the CD can be reset by spending diamonds. The higher VIP level is, the more times it can be reset.

10.New Feature Unlock: Pet Awake (unlocked at Lv. 50)

A.      Owned pets can be awakened in "Awaken", effect of each level can only be activated when 10 energy sources are all activated, and the awaken level increases by 1. Each energy source represent a attribute.

B.      Both activate energy source and increase awaken level cost materials, and they can be obtained from the Great Path.

C.      The higher the awaken level is, the more attributes will get.

D.      80% of the materials consumed will be returned after decomposing via mail.

11.New Feature Unlock: Companion Protection (unlocked at Lv. 50)

A.      Maximum 5 heroes can be protected.

B.      pets are able to protect their owners by adding certain percentage of their own attributes onto their owner's. Awake pets can massively increase the effect of protection by increasing the percentage.

C.      Pets for protection cannot be activated for battling.