1.Point carnival event is online from April 14th to April 20th. Claim reward time is April 21st.
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A.During the event, players can obtain score by join various game event. Besides, you also will get score when every 1 diamond you spend.
B.Score can be used to exchange rewards in score shop.
C.If you get enough score, you are able to enter the score rank to claim amazing gift according to your rank after event ends.
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2.Smash egg event is online from April 14th to April 20th.
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A.You can get rewards and obtain score by smashing the egg!
B.The player who breaks the score boundary will get personal rewards, all players in the server will get server rewards as well.
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3.Diamond wheel event is online from April 14th to April 20th.

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A.You will get one chance to spin wheel every 200 diamond you recharge.
B.All rewards in the wheel are diamond pack, and you can claim them immediately.
C.There is no limited times for this event. Every 200 you recharge, you will one chance to spin wheel.
D.Please finish recharging and playing wheel during the event. After event ends, your spin times will be cleared.
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4.Dragon ball event is online from April 14th to April 20th.
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A.Collect 6 balls to summon dragon, player can choose one among 3 gifts provided by dragon. After summoning dragon 3 times, the Ultimate dragon will be summoned at the 4th time, which means player can obtain all 3 gifts provided by Ultimate dragon
B.Player can directly summon ball for free attempts each day and use diamond to summon after free attempts run out.
C.Player can use spade to dig treasure, after digging all treasures, they will get a chance to choose a ball they need.
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1.In Dragon Ball event, the price of summon dragon ball is increased from 5 diamonds to 10 diamonds, the price of spade is decreased from 15 diamonds to 10 diamonds
2.In Point Carnival event, dramatically reduce the exchange price in Point Shop.