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Maintenance on June 22th


We will update our servers tomorrow at June 22th 03:00 server time(EST 04:00). In the meantime, they will be unavailable for approx. 1 hour.

1. Diamond wheel event is online from June 22nd to June 28th.



A. You will get one chance to spin wheel every 200 diamond you recharge.


B. All rewards in the wheel are diamond pack, and you can claim them immediately.


C. There is no limited times for this event. Every 200 you recharge, you will get one chance to spin wheel.


D. Please finish your spin during the event. After event end, your spin times will be cleared.



2.Ascend event is online from June 22nd to June 27th. Rank reward claim time is June 28th.


A. Click ‘start’ to jump to a grid on random and obtain the item in the grid, if the content is up arrow, climb up.


B. Reach the summit and get prize, then restart from the very beginning.


C. The floors rank will base on the total floors you climb during event period.


D. Each player has one chance for free to climb every day. After that, it needs diamond to continue climbing.


E. The climb progress will be reset to the 1st floor each day.




3. Lucky Charm event is online from June 22nd to July 4th. Rank reward claim time is July 5th.



A. During the event, players can obtain charm by completing certain game event each day.



B. Charm can be used to exchange item in charm shop.



C. If you collect enough charm, you will enter the rank to claim awesome reward according to your rank after event end.


 4. Ocean Treasure event is online from June 22nd to June 27th. Rank reward claim time is June 28th.



A. Spend diamond to reveal items hidden under ice cube ( 3 free attempts each day), chance to get rare items. 

B. Break ice cube will show a number indicates how many items hidden within nearby 8 cubes.

C. Get all treasures to finish exploration and all ice cube will be reset automatically. Players also can reset unfinished exploration by spending gold. After resetting exploration, rewards will be changed.

D. Break ice will get points, each cube worth 10 points; collect enough points to claim corresponding rewards in ‘Point Box’ panel.

E. There are two kinds of rank in this event, daily rank and weekly rank. The daily point record will be reset at 24:00. 

F. Joy voucher can be used to exchange items in voucher store.

       G.Use 1-click feature can remove all ice cubes to get all items and points.



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