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Maintenance on Augest 24th!


   Maintenance on Augest 24th!

1. Consume rank event is online from August 24th to September 5th. Claim reward time is September 6th.

A. After players' diamond spent reach the certain amount during the event, he can get into rank.

B. When event is over, players can claim reward according to their rank.

C. Players can still get reward even they are not in rank but have spent at least 1 diamond.

2. Smash egg event is online from August 24th to August 30th.

A. You can get rewards and obtain score by smashing the egg!

B. The player who break the score boundary will get personal rewards, all players in the server will get server rewards as well.

3. The Olympic event series 2 starts again from August 24th to August 30th. Please notice that the Olympic medals you obtained in previous event are not available in this event.

A. You have two chances for free to shot chest each day. There are 3 types of chest (Golden, Silver, Bronze) in game. You will obtain corresponding chest when you shot successfully. If you miss the target, you also will obtain a memorial chest.

B. You will obtain corresponding medals after opening chest. Medals can be used to exchange item in shop.

C. Finish various quest to obtain devotion every day. After your daily devotion reach the certain amount, you can claim the daily reward. Your devotion will be reset at 0:00 next day. Please claim your reward in time.

D. You will be on the rank list when you collect enough medals during the event. The rank reward will be sent to you by system mail. The rank will be reset every week.

Please use your Olympic medals in time before event end! The medals you obtained from this event are not available in next event.4. National rebate is online from August 24th to August 30th.

A. You need to choose recharge level first before join event. Please notice recharge level can not be changed again after your choice.

B. Recharge corresponding number of diamond according to your recharge level to join event.

C. When the total number of diamond all players recharge in the server meet requirement, all players that have joined this event can claim the extra diamonds for their prize.

5. Change ‘Gamma Assault Ship Deck’ count attack from 3600 to 360.


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