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Maintenance on 04/22


Dear Players,

Maintenance is scheduled for 05:30 AM EST on April 22nd.

Point carnival event is online from April 22nd to May 3rd. Claim reward time is May 4th.

A.  During the event, players can obtain score by join various game event. Besides, you also will get score when every 1 diamond you spend.

B.  Score can be used to exchange rewards in score shop.

C.  If you got enough score, you are able to enter the score rank to claim amazing gift according to your rank after event end.

Point Carnival Adjustment:

- Remove advanced wheel task from the event

- Reduce amounts of item price in shop significantly. Now each player can obtain orange hero easily!

It's estimated to last around 60 minutes and might be shorter. We thank you for your patience during this time.

-The R2Games Team


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